Sunny South Guards


The following Florida Veterans are being honored in this project:

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Field & Staff

Capt. John T. Lesley - WIA Quartermaster James B. McKay


Company Officers and Enlisted

**Many of the following men have very little information known about them.  For many, there is no final service date known, and they could not be located after the War.  Are these men MIA, dying miles away from home?  Perhaps they are one of your family members?  If so, we want to know.  Please send info to:


Pvt. Florence F. Andrew

Pvt. Joseph Bethel

Sgt. William M. Bowen

Sgt. James H. Brandon-POW

Pvt. Robert J. Carney-DIED Pvt. James N. Collins-POW 3rd Lt. Jesse Collins-WIA-POW Pvt. Charles Cook

Pvt. Thomas Cothran - KIA

5th Sgt. W. Henry Cowart

Pvt. Berry M. Crews

Pvt. Stafford Davis-DIED

Pvt. William Dease-DIED

Pvt. Dennis Driggers

Pvt. Jospeh Eady-DIED

Private John Finley

Pvt. Thomas J. Finley -POW-DIED Pvt. Arvus J. Fisher

Pvt. Henry Futch-DIED

Pvt. William Godwin

Pvt. Francis M. Griffin

Pvt. George W. Griffin - WIA

Pvt. Odet Grillon

Pvt. Olliot Gullion

Pvt. James Hamilton

Pvt. George W.D. Handcock -WIA, POW

Corporal Joseph Harris-POW DIED

2nd Lt. James P.B. Haskin (Haskins/Haskew)-POW, WIA

Pvt. Elijah J. Hays

Musician George S. Heard-POW

1st Lt. Charles W. Hendry-WIA - POW

Pvt. John M. Hendry-POW

Pvt. James Johnson

Pvt. James H. Johnson - WIA

Pvt. Thomas W. Johnson-POW

Pvt. Patterson Jowers - Killed
Pvt. Perry O. Keen

Pvt. William M. Lemacks- POW (2)

Pvt. Robert P. Lewis-POW

Pvt. Charles Lynch

Pvt. Henry McLeod

Pvt. Hiram Archibald. McLeod-WIA (amputee)

Pvt. John Mellon  Pvt. Samuel A. Miley-WIA
Captain Henry Laurens Mitchell 1st. Lt. Francis M. Mitchell-KIA

Pvt. John B. Mobley-Died

Corporal Simeon B. Moody-KIA

Pvt. Nathaniel M. Moody

Pvt. John D. Moody-DIED

Pvt. Fletcher Phelps Pvt. Joseph F. Philips

Pvt. Francis M. Platt

Musician Thomas A. Pollard

Pvt. James E. Prine-WIA

Pvt. James F. Register

Musician Benjamin L. Rice-KIA

Pvt. George R. Rice

Pvt. Michael F. Robles -

Pvt. George Robinson-DIED

Pvt. William E. Sheppard

5th Sgt. Jasper Sloan -WIA, POW DIED

5th Sgt. Harry Smith

Pvt. William H. Sparkman- WIA-POW

Pvt. T.K. Spencer-POW

1st Lt. John E. Spencer

Pvt. John Strode

2nd Lt. William E. Sweat-WIA Pvt. Samuel D. Terrell

Pvt. James Thomas

Pvt. Robert W. Thomas

Pvt. Joseph Tully-DIED

Pvt. Benjamin M. Turner

Pvt. Alexander G. Watson-POW

Pvt. John A. Weeks -WIA (amputee) POW

Pvt. Samuel W. Weeks

Pvt. Willoughby Whidden-POW

Pvt. Elbert White -POW DIED

Pvt. James Wiggins-POW
4th Corporal Calfrey L. Wilder-WIA - POW Pvt. John W. Wilder-WIA-POW DIED

Pvt. Thomas Willis-POW

Pvt. Matthew H. Williams-POW

Musician Joseph H. Young  



The following 11 men enlisted after September 1861 (month of Flag Presentation Ceremony), and are honored for their service as well.  Some were from Tampa Bay, others were from other areas of Florida.  Some were from other areas of the State, but most were from Tampa Bay.

Pvt. Enoch Collins - WIA Pvt. John Collins Pvt. Henry D. Cotrell - POW Pvt. Andrew J. Curry
Pvt. J.E. Driggers Private Stephen A. Driggers Pvt. Robert F. Fletcher-POW - DIED Pvt. James H. Kelly
Pvt. Oswalt Augustus Lang Pvt. Robert B. Mitchell Pvt. Thomas Hopkins Wilder 1st. Sgt. Julius Rockner-WIA


The following Field and Staff Officers commanded the Sunny South Guard as they were consolidated into the 4th FL Infantry, Co. K.  They are not from Tampa Bay but are are honored in this project.

Field & Staff Officers

Lt. Col  Edward Badger Ast.  Surgeon Robert J. Bigelow 1st Lt. C.C.Burke - WIA, POW Chief Musician H. L. Crane - POW
Col. Edward Hopkins Col. James P. Hunt - DIED Sgt. Major James Madison Kilpatrick  
Maj. Jacob A. Lash-POW - DIED Quartermaster Sgt J.P. McLaughlin - Died Lt. Co. M. Whit Smith Commissary H.G. Townsend-POW
Asst. Surgeon Hamilton M. Weeden Chaplain R.L. Wiggins    



A Tribute

*4th Regiment, Florida Infantry Service History


4th Infantry Regiment was organized in the summer of 1861 at Jacksonville, Florida.

The men were raised in the counties of Gadsden, Franklin, Madison, New River, LaFayette, Columbia, Marion, Levy, Liberty, Washington, Jackson, and Hillsborough.  For a time it served in Florida, then was assigned to General Preston's, Stovall's, Finley's, and J.A. Smith's Brigade, Army of Tennessee.

During December, 1863, it was consolidated with the 1st Florida Cavalry Regiment. The 4th was engaged at Murfreesboro and Jackson, participated in the campaigns of the army from Chickamauga to Nashville, and saw action in North Carolina.

It was organized with 983 officers and men and lost forty-two percent of the 468 engaged at Murfreesboro, forty percent of the 217 at Chickamauga, and eighty-nine percent of the 172 at Missionary Ridge. The 1st/4th totaled 198 men and 109 arms in December, 1863.

The regiment surrendered 23 men in April, 1865. The field officers were Colonels Wiles L. L. Bowen, Edward Hopkins, and James P. Hunt; Lieutenant Colonels Edward Badger and
 M.W. Smith; and Majors Jacob A. Lash and John T. Lesley.

*Source:  U.S. Parks Service




Written by Judge W. M. Ives, Lake City, Fla., Orderly Sergeant of Company K: Article printed in the CONFEDERATE VETERAN magazine, April, 1895 issue .

My memory goes back to the days of secession---the organization of companies, the formation of regiments, and the preparations to hold the Southern territory. The Fourth Florida Regiment was composed of companies from the east section of the state. One of these, Company F, of Bradford county, with Company D, of the Second Florida, of Columbia county, on July 4th, 1861, at Cedar Keys, Fla., participated in the recapture of three schooners which lay off that port in charge of Lieutenant Seldon, of the U. S. Navy. In May, 1862, the regiment was ordered to Mississippi, but the order was counter - manded at Mobile, Ala., where it performed provost duty until July. It was then sent to Chattanooga, Tenn., where it was ordered to remain after Bragg's army went to Kentucky. On October 8th it was ordered to support the Thirty- Second Alabama Infantry and Fourth Alabama Cavalry at Murfreesboro. It remained at Murfreesboro until the memorable battle in December and January.

With the Thirty-Second Alabama, Eighteenth and Forty-Fifth Tennessee, and Fourth Alabama Cavalry, it advanced upon Nashville on November 5th 1862.

At Murfreesboro, on December 28th, it was placed under General William Preston, with First and Third Florida, Twentieth Tennessee, and Sixteenth North Carolina.

In the charge at 3 P.M., December 31st, it passed through the McCown burnt house, and lay that night and next day in the cedar thicket. On January 2nd, 1863, it was one of the last to leave the field, and lost half its members. In May, 1863, it was sent to Mississippi and was engaged in the battle at Jackson, July 12th.

Reaching Chickamauga, Tenn., September 1st, it fought in the battle of 19th and 20th under Brigadier Gen. M. A. Stoval. Before the battle of Missionary Ridge, it was placed in the Florida Brigade,--First, Thirteenth, Fourth, Sixth and Seventh Regiments. Being the left regiment, it was flanked in the ditch at the foot of the ridge. Only 18 of the 177 men men engaged escaped.

At Dalton it was consolidated with the First Florida Cavalry, as the First and Fourth Florida. Skirmished at Dalton in February and May; fought at Resacca May 14th, 15th; skirmished at Adairsville 17th, near Carsville on 19th, at Dallas from 26th of May to 1st of June. It was the left infantry regiment in the charge of May 28th.

Skirmished near Big Shanty and on Pine Mountain; fortified west side of Kennesaw; skirmished at Baldhill. On June 27th it reached Maney and Vaughn's Tennessee Brigades as they repulsed the Fourteenth army corps. Was in the trenches at Cheatham's Bend until night of July 2nd. Participated in all skirmishes of Bate's Division, also the battles of July 20th and 22nd and 5th and 6th of August, on Atlanta line.

It fought at Jonesboro August 31st and September 1st. With the Twentieth and Thirty-Seventh surrounded and captured the blockhouse at Mill Creek Gap, October 13th; skirmished at Decatur, Alabama, 26th; at Columbia, Tenn., Nov. 26th and 27th; was the left regiment at Franklin, 30th; skirmished at block- house near Stewart's creek, December 4th; and west of railroad on 7th.

Reached Nashville line December 11th; was engaged on the 16th. Fought under W. B. Bate at Bentonville, N. C., March 19th, 1865, and surrendered April 26th, from High Point. On April 9th, 1865, it had been consolidated, with other Florida Regiments, into the First Florida Consolidated Regiment.


"This photograph, taken during the United Confederate Veterans reunion in Marianna on September 27, 1927, shows the return to Florida of the regimental flag of the 4th Florida Infantry. The colors were captured by the 72nd Ohio by 1st Lt. Charles H. McCleary at the Battle of Brentwood Hills near Nashville, TN on 16 December 1864.  Lt. McCleary was awarded the Medal of Honor for this 'capture'.

 The three men in the center of the photograph were Union veterans from Ohio. The identity of the man on the left is not known, but he appears to be a Florida Confederate veteran. 

The 4th Florida could only be described as a "fighting" regiment. When formed in 1862, the regiment included 926 men and 47 officers. When it surrendered in North Carolina at the end of the war, only 23 were left. At Stones River, the 4th carried 458 men into battle and in two days of fighting lost 163 killed and wounded and 31 missing. By the time of the Battle of Chattanooga, only 172 men were left. After the battle, there were only 18. The entire rest of the regiment was either killed, wounded or captured.

During the Atlanta campaign, the 4th was consolidated with the 1st Florida Cavalry (dismounted) and the two regiments fought combined during the rest of the Atlanta and during the Franklin and Nashville Campaign. During Hood's ill-fated charge against the Union forces at Franklin, the consolidated 1st and 4th Regiments were severely mauled and the 4th lost its regimental colors. 

For many years after the war, Confederate veterans gathered in Marianna on the anniversary of the 1864 Battle of Marianna. The 1927 observance was marked by the return of the colors of the 4th Florida to their rightful home."

Source: by Dale Cox


"UCV veterans at a reunion in Marianna Florida in 1927.  The Stars and Bars flag was returned to the 4th Florida Infantry that the 111th Ohio Volunteer Infantry had captured at the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee." The group is gathered in front of the First National Bank and the group is certainly proudly displaying the huge flag

Special Thanks to Aimee Gilmore and Lunelle Siegel for the research for this Roll of Honor

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