Re-enactment of
Military Flag Presentation Ceremony

Sunny South Guards

Call for Participants


Living historians are sought to participate in this historical re-enactment of the Flag Presentation Ceremony for the Sunny South Guards.  Participants fall into the following categories:

1.  Young Ladies – 11 Young Ladies are needed to portray each of the States of the Southern Confederacy.  White period dress required.  Each will recite a short (four line) poem, and participate in the singing of  the  “Bonnie Blue Flag”.  Info for Young Ladies

2.  Soldiers – Up to 100 men in early war attire to portray the Sunny South Guard Company.  Prefer sky blue shirt with red piping (no jackets).  Civilian hats preferably straw hats.  Each man will portray one of the SSG members listed on the Roll of Honor.

3.  Civilians – Onlookers in civilian attire are invited to participate to portray the residents of the area participating in the ceremony

4.  Band – Musicians in period civilian attire are sought to perform “Dixie” at the end of the ceremony, and occasional music.

 Participants click here to register.  You will be contacted about your role.


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