Re-enactment of
Military Flag Presentation Ceremony

Sunny South Guards




Tues., Sept. 6th - Dade City, Florida - Pasco County officially honors the service of the the soldiers of the Sunny South Guard

The first item of business on the agenda at the Pasco County Commission yesterday was a Proclamation recognizing the men who heard the call of their community and Florida 150 years ago in 1861. 

 Dade City resident Lela Futch, who accepted the proclamation said "Its great that the Commission remembers our history and honors these men and boys".  In a lead up to the largest war on American soil, local men organized for home defense, and they would call themselves the Sunny South Guard.

The Proclamation is a lead up to the a re-enactment of a "send off" by the ladies of Tampa Bay to the 100 man unit, which occurred 150 years ago this month.  The re-enactment, hosted by the Sesquicentennial Commission of Tampa Bay will occur at 4 p.m. at Poe Plaza in Downtown Tampa, just steps from the site of Fort Brooke, where the send off occurred.   Organizers of the event are promoting it regionally for historical tourism during the sesquicentennial of the formation of the Confederate States of America.

"Veterans understand what it means to fight for your country, and to make the ultimate sacrifice-no matter how popular or unpopular the war," said David McCallister, co-chair of the Sesquicentennial Commission.  "On this day, we'll be honoring descendants of some of Tampa Bay's most prominent family members who stepped up to the task when duty called, a honor-worthy act, regardless of political position."

Descendants of the soldiers are being sought to recognized at the ceremony.   

The Roll of Honor of the Sunny South Guard, which would become the 4th Florida Infantry, Co. K, is available online as is more information about the event at



L to R :  Pasco County Commission Ted Schrader and Lela Futch



BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS                                         Resolution NO.  11-331


        WHEREAS, the militia unit known as the Sunny South Guards was established in 1861, and has been recreated by volunteers from the greater Tampa Bay area including Pasco County; and
        WHEREAS, in September of 1861, the Sunny South Guards were ordered to join the Fourth Florida Regiment in Jacksonville, at the beginning of the War between the States; and
       WHEREAS, this year marks the Sesquicentennial of the secession of Florida and the establishment of the Confederate States of America, as well as the Sesquicentennial of the Sunny South Guards as a local militia unit, whose members served honorably for the State of Florida, and are accounted as Veterans of  both the Confederate and the United States of America, per Act of Congress; and
      WHEREAS, to honor the occasion of the Sesquicentennial and the raising of the Sunny South
Guard and the presentation of its Colors, the honorable service of its Veterans, some of who died in the conflict, and others surviving to become founders and notables of this area, the Sunny South Guards will participate in a historically accurate re-enactment of the presentation of the Company Colors by the United Daughters of the Confederacy of Tampa at the site of Fort Brooke on September 17, 2011.
      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Pasco
County, Florida, in regular session duly assembled that said Board hereby honors the Sesquicentennial anniversary of the Sunny South Guards.
    DONE AND RESOLVED this 6th day of September, 2011.
                                                                                 BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS 
                                                                                 OF PASCO COUNTY, FLORIDA


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